dpardo T Type Healthy Bicycle Saddle-Black
No. T2

Comfortable-Almost can’t feel it。 Health-Let your private parts ride happilyEfficiency-Pedaling force increasing。Price is easy to buy and well worth its value。Appearance-Streamline shape with furtureness。Crash fat and Buttlift ‧Let you have a happy butts

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Ergonomic saddle. Patent!!

SGS Fatigue Test Report

The Liberty Time(Reporter Chang-Min/Taipei)

In recent years, bike riding is quite popular in Taiwan. If unexplained sexual dysfunction emerges when a bike rider feels perineum oppressed after riding for a long time, he may seek medical help to find if it is related to bike riding. According to the latest research, the use of nonose bicycle saddle is one of good choices to restore erectile function.

Studies by European and American researchers indicate that long-shaped nose bicycle saddle may cause erectile dysfunction.

In recent years, research by European and American scholars show that traditional noseshaped bicycle saddle will oppress perineum that result in oppression for nerves near perineum, lower blood flow volume of penis. A lengthy bike riding over a long period of time may cause erectile dysfunction (ED) and abnormal sports injury for genitals, and there is increasing similar cases in Europe and US that shows more significant evidence.

Therefore a variety of new types of bicycle seats comes with the tide of fashion. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, research team led by Dr. Steven Schrader selected the no-nose saddle by not necessarily sitting on with the legs astride for testing, and getting the research results published in the latest Journal of Sexual Medicine with a sensational headline of “Cutting Off the Nose to Save the Penis.”

The average bicycle riding hours for ninety American male bicycle patrolmen who participated in the research is 24 hours weekly. After replacing traditional bicycle saddle with no-nose seat after a half year, the research shows that the use of new type of saddle helps reduces 66% of pressure on perineum, and improves sense of touch and sensitivity of penis and erectile function. The ratio of being not feeling numb for genital when riding the bicycle has further increased from 27% to 82%. Notwithstanding, after further testing, it shows no improvement for participants’ hardness of erectile penis in night, and research still needs longer restoration.


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NIOSH No Nose Saddle Explained on youtube

Characteristics of T2 Bicycle Saddle
1、Appearance: Lightness, novelty with a sense of future, a sense of technology that brings a sense of novelty for the bike.
As bike saddle adopts the design of center toward two-side extensions, the body of saddle presents linear-shaped in two-side extensions that will not embed itself in buttock cleavage, and the contact surface with excessive buttocks will lead to less oppression for buttocks.
The body of the saddle presents a linear shape in two-side extension makes a supporting for buttocks that will increase pedaling force, and meantime, a bike rider is not necessary to contract the anus, press buttocks, and there is no pain that will give rise to extra physical burden.
4、Cheng fu, the acupuncture point, massage effect:
Slim down, tighten and lift the buttocks, improve blood circulation to increase leg strength and butt muscle mass, restore elasticity and vigor for loose muscles, improve sagging buttocks, reduce body fat of buttocks and back thigh muscles, shape beautiful body line for buttocks, improve fat, loose and drooping buttocks, help blood circulation in lower limbs, increase better leg strength and make better endurance for bicycle riding
(1) No friction for groin
(2) No oppression for perineum
(1) When riding bicycle, pubertal juveniles may feel abnormal oppression for perineum that would cause poor blood circulation and insufficient blood flow that insufficient frequent stretch for cavernous body will affect growth of genital organs. People also keep hearing bike riding hymen injury for girls
(2) Oppression over a long period of time will caused poor blood circulation and insufficient blood flow for middle-aged males that may result in sexual function only earlier.
(3) Adult males’ long-term oppression may cause oppression for nerves near, poor blood circulation, insufficient blood flow to penis. A lengthy bike riding over a long period of time may result in ED and abnormal sports injuries for genital organs.
(3) Females who feel nerves near urethra and sexual organs oppressed arising from longterm oppression may also face a condition of reducing sexual pleasure due to oppression of nerves and insufficient blood flow.
6、 Manganese steel used for making bicycle saddle is selected by Italian luxury vehicle manufacturers.
7、 Weight: 267g
8、 Applicable for different types of bicycles

BIKETO Website test report--http://www.biketo.com/product/geartest/15277.html
BIKETO Website Rider's voice--http://bbs.biketo.com/thread-810633-1-2.html
It looked little strange when I saw it and was teased by my wife, but it had good quality , felt nice and unique. I am an activist , so put it on my fix gear immediately

Next day I had a short distance riding(about 100km).it felt strange before 10km because it was very good on nonskid and I needed to change position time to time. But after 10km the more I rode , the more comfortable I felt ,especially for my private parts , there was 0 pressure. One thing I had to say this saddle brought great pedaling force out , either mid skid or fully speed up , its pedaling force was wonderful.
I rode about 110km today. I thought my butts would be pain when I back home, but I didn’t feel any pain , only feel little be tired under the hip-bone. It was surprised me.

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dpardo T Type Helathy Bicycle Saddle - Black
No. T2
All kinds of bike using
  Weight:267 G
  Bow:Manganese steel
  It is selected by Italian luxury vehicle